Carol's Embroidery Tips

imageAs we all know it takes a lot of time to complete our embroidery designs, and its really upsetting when they don’t turn out the way we feel they should. Taking a little extra time to prepare our fabrics will help in the success our projects.

1. Always pre wash in hot water and dry in a hot dryer.

2. Using “Magic Sizing” (lite starch) spray and iron dry, important do not stretch the fabric when ironing, then I repeat this step 2 more times, this puts the sizing back into your fabrics, and also helps to stabilize your fabric.

3. Use a fusible nylon mesh (or nylon mesh and 505 spray) and heavy cutaway, and I only cutaway the heavy stabilizer, trim close after your embroidery is complete. I sew the nylon mesh right into my project.

4. When hooping your project always hoop fabric and stabilizers.

5. You never want to iron your embroidery designs, but to get rid of some of those puckers you can cut a piece of heavy stabilizer just big enough to cover your design. Lay it over your design and spray lightly over your block with Magic Sizing and iron from center out, the cutaway will protect the embroidery.

6. After you complete your project. I sew through all layers right next to the embroidery design using a thread that will closely match my background fabric. After you stitch all the way around your design you will notice how it really makes your design stand out.

Stabilizing Embroidery Tips (PDF)